Brainteasers and nature

In linguistics, we have forced alternative tasks. The person is presented with a specific array, for a  resolve. Results here are likely to be highly consistent, also when based on language intuition only. Feel welcome to read about brainteasing the language nature.

There are four patterns and four prepositions. Please match them. You can be just intuitive.

The four patterns:
I think.
I am thinking.
I have thought.
I have been thinking.

The four preposistions:
TO    ON    AT    IN

One is done for you:
TO:    I have thought.

Think if you would match the prepositions differently, for patterns as,

I thought.   /   I will think.
I was thinking.   /   I will be thinking.
I had thought.   /   I will have thought.
I had been thinking.   /   I will have been thinking.

We can consciously decide how we view language arrays, as well. Mapping the time has the answers.

We also may naturally learn through imagination or fables. Feel welcome to the grammar grapevine basket.